Client Reviews

Loyd L.

Five Stars to Mark Kraynak

Mark Kraynak took my case after my arrest for DUI / Careless driving. He immediately gathered arrest information to make sure the arresting officer followed correct procedure and the Intoxilyzer was calibrated and in working order.

He determined that my arrest was made without mistake. I had to plead guilty. My BAC was more than twice the legal limit. And this was not my first DUI conviction.

Mark didn’t stop there. We talked about sentencing and putting together a plea bargain. He advised me to ask friends to write letters of recommendation and for me to write a short biography. I know now that would be a way to let the Judge and DA know about me, more than what they read in the police report. A way for them to see me as a productive part of our community.

As a result of Mark’s good work, my sentencing was much less harsh than it could have been. I was given a short period of home detention, community service and probation. NO JAIL TIME!

Five Stars to Mark Kraynak and a big Thank You.

Loyd L.


ashley griffith

Firestone, CO

Professional, Knowledgeable, Experienced

I would consider myself an exceptionally high-maintenance client. When faced with a DUI charge, I felt extremely overwhelmed and had an exorbitant amount of questions throughout the process. I’m very thankful that I found Mark Kraynak to represent me. He was very patient and understanding and took time to explain things thoroughly. One of the things I appreciate most about Mark is that he was honest and realistic, sometimes needing to help appropriately set my expectations given the circumstances of my case. The last thing you want or need is someone who is going to make false promises. Mark had an optimistic attitude while also being realistic in the way he communicated my options. In the end, Mark was able to get one of my charges dropped in addition to negotiating a plea deal for a less serious offense. Once I was finished will all probation requirements, he submitted a motion to the court requesting early termination and for unsupervised probation. In a situation that seemingly turned my world upside down, it was a relief having such a knowledgeable and experienced attorney in my corner.

April 2019


Mateo Meany

Denver, Colorado

Five Star Attorney!!!

I found myself in the gulag of the Colorado’s rental code and quickly became overwhelmed by a situation that could have gotten out of hand between myself and my renters. Mark acted swiftly, apprised all parties of their rights and deftly used diplomacy according to Colorado law to settle the dispute at little expense and pain to either party. Communication was exceptional and the matter was resolved without any acrimony or extra hassle. There’s a reason this office has retained such a high rating for a decade…

December 2018


Dan Waddell

Great Attorney

I retained Mark E. Kraynak to represent me in an assault/domestic violence criminal case. The case was dismissed. Also, the mandatory protection order was terminated. Mr. Kraynak kept me informed about the status of the case. I give him 5 out of 5 stars.

November 2018


KC smith


Got the case thrown out!

I retained Mark E. Kraynak to represent me in a criminal case. I was charged with DUI, and DWAI as well as some less serious traffic offenses. I hired Mark primarily because he was referred to me by my boyfriend who is personally and professionally acquainted with him.

Mark got the entire case thrown out of court! All of the charges including the DUI and DWAI were dismissed. Also, my driver’s license was neither suspended nor revoked nor anything like this.

Obviously, I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the case.

Mark E. Kraynak knows the Colorado DUI law very well. He carefully and patiently explained everything to me during the course of the representation and answered all of my questions.

I highly recommend Mark E. Kraynak as a lawyer. On a scale of 1-5 I give him 5+ stars.


June 2018



I endorse Mark E. Kraynak
* Mr. Kraynak represented me in a criminal case.
* Mr. Kraynak conducted an in-depth investigation of all pertinent matters including
delving extensively into the alleged victim’s background.
* Ultimately, all of the charges were dismissed before trial and the protection order was
cancelled because the prosecutor came to believe that there was no likelihood of a conviction at
* Mark kept me very informed about everything.
* Mark and I worked well together. Obviously, I could not be more pleased with the
outcome. I give Mark 5 out of 5 stars!
May 2018



Denver, CO

I give him 5 out of 5 stars.

Mark E. Kraynak represented me in a criminal case where I was charged with a slew of felonies.
I give him 5 out of 5 stars. The case was resolved by a plea bargain where all of the felony
charges were dismissed. I pled guilty to a single low level misdemeanor on the first day of the
jury trial.
Here are a few of the many positive things I have to say about Mr. Kraynak:
* Mark Kraynak will fight for you. He discovered that the police failed to preserve and/or
destroyed critical evidence. This in turn no doubt gave us substantial leverage to negotiate such a
favorable plea deal.
* Mark simultaneously represented me in an administrative law case which was related to the
criminal case, and he did a super job in the admin case as well.
* He’s accessible and available 24/7 365, if necessary. There was not a single time that I
contacted Mark where he did not promptly get back in touch with me.
* Mark is a blue-collar lawyer. He worked very hard on my behalf to get a great result in my
* Mark Kraynak is good guy. He’s easy to get along with and very professional.

May 2018



endorse Mark E. Kraynak as an attorney

I am a licensed private investigator and I’ve worked with Mark E. Kraynak on various cases some
civil but mostly felony criminal cases.
Before becoming a private investigator, I worked for approximately fourteen years as a federal
agent with top secret security clearance during much of this time.. In this capacity, I have
investigated scores and scores of primarily major felony cases on behalf of the government
including cases like murder and rape, for example, which are usually handled by state investigators
and prosecutors. This is because the feds have exclusive jurisdiction to prosecute crimes which
occur on federal lands such as Indian reservation and parks.
I’ve worked and dealt with a lot of attorneys including Mark E. Kraynak. In my opinion,
Mr. Kraynak is an experienced and highly competent lawyer.
I note the following characteristics and attributes about Mark E. Kraynak, Esq.
* He’s dedicated to his cases and clients. My impression is, he’ll do whatever can possibly be
done within the bounds of the law and rules of ethics to get his clients the very best results and
* Mark Kraynak is an experienced attorney especially as regards criminal law and criminal
defense. He not only knows the black letter criminal law, but also the practical machinations of
the criminal justice system. Mark is what I would call street smart and has great instincts about
people and situations.
* Finally, I know Mark personally. He’s a friend, so I must admit to being biased. But I can
assert with all candor that Mark is the type of person who, if he says he’s going to do something,
you can rest assured it is going to get done. He can be trusted. He’s like the opposite of a
scumbag lawyer who would abandon his client’s case or sell his client out, for example. This is
why I have referred close friends, associates and colleagues to Mark in the past, and will continue
to do so in the future.

May 2018



Highly Recomend

Mark E. Kraynak is an outstanding attorney. You would be wise to retain Mr. Kraynak as your
attorney as I did.
I was in a very dicey, precarious situation. I was the target of a felony criminal investigation
where it was alleged that I had embezzled thousands of dollars from a former employer.
I’m a middle aged woman with no criminal record. Really, my only knowledge of the criminal
law has been gleaned from t.v. and movies. As you can imagine, this was a very stressful and
indeed at times borderline terrifying event for me to deal with.
I’m certain that I could not have received better legal representation than I did from Mark E.
Kraynak. The following points stand out in my mind:
* The objectives as explained to me by Mr. Kraynak were two fold and each of them were
promptly achieved: 1) The criminal investigation was terminated and no criminal charges were
filed against me; and 2) a settlement agreement was entered into with my former employer
whereby all alleged civil claims which my employer had against me were compromised and
settled. While forestalling criminal charges from being filed against me was the most important
objective, the civil settlement which Mr. Kraynak negotiated on my behalf shielded me from six
figure potential monetary liability.
* I called Mr. Kraynak after a police detective contacted me and following a conversation about
the matter with an attorney relative. Mark deemed this to be “a time sensitive” matter. As such,
he prioritized me as a client and began working on my case immediately.
* I had the utmost confidence in Mark E. Kraynak throughout the whole ordeal because it was
evident to me that he knew exactly what he was doing and had done this sort thing in the past.
Mark’s expertise in this regard was deeply reassuring to me and helped to calm my jittery nerves.
* Mr. Kraynak is by no means the least expensive attorney in Denver, but you can’t quibble with
the results. His total fee was money well spent.
* Finally, Mark is a super guy to work with. He communicated effectively and persuasively with
everyone involved including the police detective, the powers that be at my former employer and,
of course, me as well.
For all of the above reasons, I highly recommend Mark E. Kraynak as an attorney.

May 2018



Positive and Personal!

I retained Mark E. Kraynak to represent me in a criminal case. I was charged with
numerous serious felonies including assault and attempted murder.
I recommend and endorse Mark E. Kraynak as an attorney. Mr. Kraynak has many
positive personal and professional attributes including:
* He promptly responds to any inquires whether phone calls, text messages or e-mails.
Usually, in less than an hour and always in less than 24 hours.
* This case was the first time I had ever been in any criminal law trouble. I was nervous.
I am unfamiliar with criminal law and the criminal justice system. Mr. Kraynak patiently and
carefully explained everything to me. I was always kept very well informed about all aspects of
my case, and made informed decisions based on Mr. Kraynak’s advise and counseling.
* Mr. Kraynak is down to earth and easy to get along with. I certainly would hire
Mark E. Kraynak again as my attorney, and also would refer friends and family members to him if
the need ever arises in the future.

May 2018



Mark Kraynak is an outstanding lawyer

I had the pleasure meeting Mr. Kraynak under some not
so pleasant circumstances, when I sought his services and expertise in connection with some civil,
legal issues I had with a collection agency in Colorado. Mark Kraynak agreed to take my case and
was the ultimate professional during the litigation of that case. He approached my case with as
much tenacity and consideration as he would have if it had been his own case. After working with
Mr. Kraynak very closely on this case for several long months, I found him to be honorable and
trustworthy, and I would not hesitate to not only recommend him to others, but also to work with
him again myself if I ever found myself in need of his legal services.
In addition to the professional relationship, I believe I was able to get to know Mr. Kraynak on a
bit of a more personal level, simply because we had to spend time together preparing for
litigation. I found Mr. Kraynak to be of high moral character, full of integrity and compassion for
others. His willingness to give of his time and patience to others is rare, and I found him to often
be willing to put the needs of others before his own.”

May 2018


Finally, Mark Kraynak is honest and ethical

”I am an attorney licensed to practice law in several states. I graduated from Vanderbilt University and Georgetown University Law School. I’m well acquainted with Mark Kraynak. Mark and I are friends and we socialize often. For example, we meet to run the steps at Red Rocks Amphitheater and we have attended numerous parties and social events together. Although Mark has never
represented me in a law case; I have requested and received his legal advise and counseling on
several occasions regarding various matters. In my opinion, Mark’s legal advise was stellar in each
instance and very helpful. Mark is an intelligent man and a highly competent attorney. I would not
hesitate to retain Mark Kraynak to represent me in any legal matter encompassing his law practice
areas. In addition, I will refer close friends and family members to Mark for legal services should the need ever arise. His character is of the highest caliber.”

May 2018




”I endorse Mark Kraynak. I’m am an attorney licensed to practice law in Georgia. I have known
Mark Kraynak professionally and personally for over a decade. Mark and I have worked as
co-counsel on cases together and also shared office space in Atlanta, GA. I have found Mark to
be an excellent attorney dedicated to serving his clients. He is also highly professional, honest, and trustworthy, a person of the utmost integrity.”

May 2018



I highly recommend Mark

I write to endorse Mark E. Kraynak. I am an attorney licensed to practice law in Georgia. I’ve been a trial lawyer for 29 + years. I was a part-time trial court judge in Dekalb County

May 2018



Aggressively investigated!

”I write on behalf of Denver Attorney Mark Kraynak. Mark has represented me in a DUI case and also in a subsequent civil case fending off a debt collector. Mark did an excellent job in both
cases. In the DUI case, he negotiated a plea agreement on the eve of the jury trial where I pled guilty to a run-of-the-mill traffic offense. The DUI charge was dismissed. I believe that Mark was able to get this favorable plea deal only because of the diligent manner in which he defended the
case. Mark diligently and aggressively investigated and inquired whether the arresting police
officer had engaged in a past pattern of similar conduct.
The debt collection case was also successfully resolved much to my satisfaction at a mediation.
Mark always kept me well informed about the status of each case.
I hold Mark Kraynak in high regard and I highly recommend him as an attorney. I have referred
friends to him in the past and will do so in the future if necessary.

May 2018



Mark Kraynak is a super lawyer

I’ve known Mark for 15+ years. He has represented in a law
case and I’ve also asked him for legal advise several times over the years. His handling of my
case was top-notch and his legal advise is always superb and helpful. Mark will always be my go
to lawyer. He is honest, ethical, smart, aggressive and a nice guy too. I would recommend Mark
Kraynak to anyone in need of legal services–including close friends and family members.

May 2018


DUI lawyer. L.C.,

DUI case

I retained Mark to represent me in a DUI case and was very pleased. He always kept me up to
date on what was going on with my case. We discussed various options and strategies. Mark
carefully explained the law to me regarding both the criminal case and Department of Motor
Vehicle implications. He achieved a desirable result in the case. Mark Kraynak is an outstanding

May 2018



Mark Kraynak was my criminal defense lawyer. I was charged with major felonies. At the preliminary hearing, Mark was successful at getting the most serious charge dismisses due to a lack of evidence. Ultimately, the entire case was resolved to my satisfaction. Mark is an excellent criminal defense attorney. He fought hard me for me. I hope that I never again get into trouble with the law, but if I do, Mark Kraynak will be my first call.May 2018




I endorse Mark Kraynak as an attorney and counselor. I am a corporate psychologist with over 40 years experience in assessing individuals for corporations, courts, military services and clinical purposes. In addition to having taught at three universities, I have been a consultant to over 70 corporations. Consequently, I have the expertise and skills to evaluate individuals accurately with respect to personalities, characters, interpersonal dynamics, etc. I have known Mark since the late nineties when he represented one of my patients in a legal matter. We got along so well that our professional association grew into a social friendship due to my respect for his many admirable qualities. Knowing Mark in professional and social contexts, I can speak well of him in both areas.

Mark is very bright and knowledgeable about psychology as well as the law. He communicates with others quite well in both areas. I find him to be intelligent, highly principled and professional ethical. He did superior legal work for my patient and, I suspect, does the same with all of his clients.

Honesty and integrity are important values to me. This is why I prize Mark as a friend and would personally utilize him as an attorney as well as recommend him to others.

May 2018


Savannah L.

Mark Kraynak is a very good lawyer. Mark was my lawyer in a personal injury case. I was injured in an auto accident which was not my fault, and my car was damaged. We had to file suit. The case became complex due to insurance law and insurance coverage issues. However, Mark explained everything to me as the litigation unfolded, and kept me informed about the status of the case and closely involved in the decision making process. He was very accessible and available to answer questions. I always agreed with Mark’s legal advice every step of the way, and the case was ultimately favorably resolved. I endorse Mark Kraynak as a lawyer.May 2018